ACLU Sues Georgia Over Effort To Rig The Vote

The ACLU has announced that they are suing the state of Georgia over their signature match law that has potentially disenfranchised women and minority voters.

The ACLU tweeted:

Elected Republican officials in Georgia are behind multiple efforts to rig the vote. Beyond the signature match law, there is an ongoing attack on mail-in ballots, as Democratic gubentarioral candidate Stacey Abrams described a campaign of frightening and intimidating minority voters by making voting as difficult as possible.

The margin of victory for Republicans in statewide races in Georgia is narrowing, which is why the state GOP is working harder than any other state in the nation to disenfranchise and suppress as many potential Democratic voters as possible. The ACLU is correct. The exact match law is legalized voter suppression. It is fundamentally unfair and undemocratic.

Those in this country who care about voting rights aren’t going to step aside and watch Republicans try to steal elections. One can feel the GOP’s grasp on power fading, which is why they are resorting to such extreme and unconstitutional means to keep voters from voting.

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