Sean Hannity Throws A Trump-Style Tantrum After GOP Senator Calls His Show Propaganda

Following the lead of his man-child idol, Fox News hack Sean Hannity is throwing a tantrum over a new book published by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

In the book titled ‘Them: Why We Hate Each Other—and How to Heal’, the GOP senator slammed the right-wing Trump lover for using his program to further divide and scare people.

Sasse said the purpose of Hannity’s show is “not to promote a particular conservative agenda, or to encourage American patriotism, or even to offer coherent arguments against liberalism. His core cause is to rage.”

According to The Daily Beast, Sasse spent a whole 20 pages of his book slamming Hannity’s “polititainment.”

More from the report:

The Nebraska senator said most storylines on the top-rated Fox News show could be broken down to a simple formula: “Liberals are evil, you’re a victim, and you should be furious.”

“Hannity tells a lot of angry, isolated people what they want to hear,” Sasse wrote. “And he has the delivery down to an art form. We’d all be better off, as would our communities, if we understood the game he and his colleagues—on both sides of the spectrum—are playing.”

He also knocked Hannity for politicizing the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last year, pointing out that the Fox News host never corrected a broadcast in which he cited a fake Twitter account to claim the social-media site’s users were overwhelmingly cheering on the possibility that mainly Trump supporters were killed at the country-music festival.

“Having given his millions of viewers the impression that Trump supporters were killed and that liberals cheered it, he moved on,” Sasse said. “It was a grotesque distortion of reality. It was, quite literally, fake news.”

In an interview on Tuesday, the Republican senator also teed off on Trump’s “horseface” attack on Stormy Daniels, saying of the president’s behavior, “That’s not the way men act.”

Sean Hannity is throwing a Trump-style tantrum

After Sen. Sasse’s book was published on Tuesday, Hannity reacted in a true Trumpian fashion – by throwing a tantrum.

“Unfortunately, I went to bat for Ben Sasse, who has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today,” Hannity whined in a statement to The Daily Beast. “He totally conned me like he conned the people of Nebraska.”

Of course, what Hannity really means is that he, like his idol in the White House, can’t handle any form of criticism. You either agree with 100 percent of the nonsense they spew, or you’re voted off the island. If you don’t worship this president or the politics of division and bigotry being promoted on Fox News, you’re the enemy.

These two men – Donald Trump and Sean Hannity – like to wage endless attacks on liberals, but they are the biggest pair of snowflakes in American politics.

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