New Poll Shows Beyoncé is the ‘Most Divisive’ Celebrity in America

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that in the year 2018 almost everything is political, and even big-name celebrities cannot escape the political ramifications of their words and their actions.

The poll shows that black celebrities who speak out and vocal advocates for the LGBT community are the most politically divisive figures on the Forbes 100 list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers.

And, as in the world of music, Beyoncé is number one in the world of controversial politics, as she was rated the most politically divisive celebrity in the country in the poll.

The 22-time Grammy winner supported Democratic presidential nominee in Hillary Clinton and gave a politically charged Super Bowl halftime show in 2016. The poll shows that she divides Democrats and Republicans even more sharply than conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh.

She also was determined to be more divisive than singer Katy Perry (another Clinton surrogate) and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The 37-year-old Beyoncé has a net rating of 63 percent favorable among Democrats polled, compared to -3 among Republicans. That 66-point gap was the biggest between the two political parties of any entertainer on the list.

Fox News host Sean Hannity took the runner-up spot on the list, with a 28 percent net favorability rating among Republicans and -37 among Democrats, for a 65 point gap.

Limbaugh, DeGeneres and outspoken NBA star LeBron James rounded out the top five spots of most divisive celebrities in the Morning Consult poll.

Beyoncé’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, also appeared on the list in the sixth position.

Perry was number seven, Lady Gaga was number eight, Rihanna was number nine and ardent Clinton supporter George Clooney was number ten on the list.

Of the survey’s 25 most divisive celebrities, only two, Hannity and Limbaugh, polled higher among Republicans than Democrats.

The most popular figures according to Morning Consult surveys are actors Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Jackie Chan who all all happen to be racial minorities who are not known for making political statements.

Last year we reported that Beyoncé is the highest paid woman in music. In 2017 she earned over $105 million from record sales and from her “Formation” concert tour, according to Forbes Magazine. She also has her own Ivy Park fashion line and other business interests.

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