Here Are The Facts: Right Wing Political Violence Far Outweighs Left Wing ‘Angry Mobs’

Republicans can’t talk about the issues that really matter to voters, so they gin up false narratives to get out the vote. This midterm, they’ve come up with “liberal mobs” and “antifa” coming to get everyone. In reality, the “liberal mobs” are angry about rape and jailed babies; they want a dialogue, they aren’t even carrying weapons, unlike the Tea Party in 2010.

Right wing violence so far outweighs the Left, it’s difficult to understand why the media is dangerously playing the “both sides” game.

Author of ‘Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump’ and correspondent for the Southern Poverty Law Center David Neiwert tossed a non-exhaustive list of right wing violence as compared to left wing violence:

This list shouldn’t surprise anyone who has a working knowledge of psychology and or politics. Conservatives are authoritarians who have gone off the cliff into anarchy and vigilantism, both of which some Republicans in elected leadership egg on and even endorse at times, so long as the target is the Left.

While Republicans don’t let guns into their big events, they never stop using the boogeyman of Democrats “taking your guns away” to rile up their voters over a non-issue.

No one is taking anyone’s guns away unless that person is a criminal, suspected terrorist or incapable of being a responsible gun owner, in which case, yeah, Democrats want your guns. Republicans think even criminals and suspected terrorists should have guns, which is in and of itself an incitement to violence.

The question reporters should be asking Republicans is “Why are you so afraid of the First Amendment?”

It’s grotesque and further incitement to division to qualify liberals and Democrats as a mob, the devil, and a general horrible thing — all of which is done by elected Republicans, the President, Fox News, and more.

This is hate mongering, and it often leads to violence on its own. Couple it with loads of gun talk, drowned in conspiracies about the government coming for their cult, and peppered with vigilante worship, and you have a potent, toxic call to violence.

It is a call Republicans are never held accountable for. In fact, suggesting that they be responsible for their words deeply offends the mainstream press, who seem to regularly find holding Republicans accountable for the deeds they’ve done, like jailing babies and putting a probable liar and sexual assaulter on the Supreme Court, to be equal to or worse than the deeds themselves.

Clue: There is a way to get citizens to stop bothering you while you’re eating a cheese platter: Listen to them and represent them instead of special interests, lobbyists, and gun manufacturers — as you are supposed to do in a democracy.