Republican House Candidates Pay Protesters To Violently Disrupt Nancy Pelosi Event

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Barbara Lee were in Coral Gables, FL to campaign for Democratic House candidates when 25 paid protesters showed up and started calling Democrats “commies” and “witches.”

Here was the scene in Coral Gables:

Then the crowd got violent:

The Secret Service locked the doors and wouldn’t let people in:

Republican House candidates are said to have paid the protesters to disrupt the event:

Republicans are losing, which is why they are getting violent and extreme

Republicans are using brown shirt tactics to physically intimidate their opposition. A desperate party that already doesn’t represent the majority of the country is using the most extreme and undemocratic methods imaginable in a desperate bid to hold on to power. The Republican paid protesters have been whipped into a frenzy by conspiracy theories pushed on Fox News and in conservative media, and fully embraced by Republican leaders, including Donald Trump, about left-wing mobs.

As Sarah Jones wrote, acts of right-wing violence vastly outnumber those committed by the left.

Republicans can’t win fair elections, so they are trying to stop Democrats from organizing the people to vote them out of office.

Be determined, not intimidated, and resolve to take even more people to the polls to vote on Election Day.

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