Trump Claims Democrats Are Wasting Money After GOP Tax Cuts Blow Up Deficit

Trump is demanding a 5% budget cut from all of his cabinet secretaries, and claiming that Democrats are wasting money after his tax cuts for the rich massively backfire.


In the Oval Office, Trump said:

I am having a cabinet meeting in a little while and we will be asking the secretaries to cut 5% for next year, and last year, first year, I had to do something with the military that was falling apart and depleted and in very bad shape, and that is why we went for two years, and 700 billion, and $716 billion and that took place over a period of two years. We have repurchased and purchased jets, and missiles and rockets, and all forms of military equipment and ships, submarines, and rebuilt and are in the process of rebuilding the military to a level that it has never been before. I had to do that in order to get the 700 and the $716 billion, and those numbers have never been heard of before.

I had to give the Democrats I call it waste money, and things that — I never would have done, because we don’t have enough Republican votes to do it without them, and when you are looking at the border, and how bad it is, it is because the Democrats did not give us the votes and this is why I am hoping to do well in the midterms.

It is Trump tax cuts for the rich that are the problem

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. Trump is trying to slash domestic spending across the board because the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that Trump and his party claimed would pay for themselves through higher wages and economic growth have not done so. The deficit increased 17% over the past year all because of the Republican tax cut that most Americans saw little to no benefit from.

Republicans control the federal government

Trump’s statement that Democrats are wasting money is absurd because Republicans control the federal government. It was Republicans who passed and Trump who signed the $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy and corporations. For Trump to try to pass off his deficit explosion, which everyone but Republican ideologues knew would happen, as the fault of the Democrats is laughable.

Trump and his tax cuts are failing

Trump and his tax cuts are failing, but his blame the Democrats message is something that the American people can expect to hear daily if Democrats capture a majority in one or both chambers of Congress. Trump is sneak previewing his excuse reel for 2020. Trump repeated the same failed policies of Republican presidents past, and now he is trying to pass the blame to Democrats for the recession that will inevitably follow.

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