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Steve Schmidt Spine-Tinglingly Calls On The American People To Rise Up Against Trump

Steve Schmidt delivered a passionate message to America that the people must rise up against Trump and his Saudi murder cover-up.

Schmidt said in part on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

And in the same way that Paul manafort’s criminality was an absolute utter open secret in Washington, D.C., who this guy is is also an open secret. And there are few things more shameful than, one, an American president on his first foreign visit goes to Saudi Arabia, a place where we hail MBS and his progressivism because women can now drive a car alone? We need them for nothing.

And when we look at this relationship, and we look at the degree to which the Saudis with their money have corrupted the American system of government, and you look at the shamefulness of his coast-to-coast tour with the the Rock. I — I admire the Rock, but it’s time for Dwayne Johnson to stand up and repudiate him. It’s time for every P.R. Agency in this country that has an office in Riyadh to shut it down and come home.

It’s time for every lobbying firm to fire the Saudis. It’s time for every state pension fund to divest, for everything technology company, for every media company that has taken dirty Saudi money, send it back. This is a disgrace. This moment in time, what we’ve seen, is the murder of a U.S. Resident with American citizen children, a “Washington Post” columnist with a complicit president who has called journalists the enemy of the people, the American people should rise up against this. But we should put truth to the lie about who this guy is and what this regime is.


In 19 days, we the people have our chance to rise up and say no more. We the people can tell the world that Donald Trump cover-up for murdering despots is not who we are. We the people can stand tall and say no more. Donald Trump may be president for now, but his actions are not ours, and he does not represent what we believe.

Our time is coming. We the people will get the last word.

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