Mueller May Be Close to Indicting Roger Stone for WikiLeaks Contacts

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published a long article summarizing Robert Mueller’s investigation into Roger Stone and other conservative activists who have been closely associated with Stone through the years. The focus seems to be their interactions with WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

According to the Journal:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is scrutinizing how a collection of activists and pundits intersected with WikiLeaks, the website that U.S. officials say was the primary conduit for publishing materials stolen by Russia, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Although the main thrust of the investigation seems to be how Stone interacted with WikiLeaks, it is possible that Mueller has also found wrongdoing by other conservatives within Stone’s orbit.

According to the article, Mueller has recently questioned many of his witnesses about Stone’s contacts with Wikileaks. It also said that Mueller has acquired his phone records which would shed more light on the communications that took place.

The special counsel’s investigators also have evidence that GOP activist Peter W. Smith, who died in May 2017 under mysterious circumstances, “may have had advance knowledge of details about the release of emails from a top Hillary Clinton campaign official by WikiLeaks.”

Jerome Corsi, a right-wing pundit, was also questioned by Mueller’s team over his interactions with Stone and WikiLeaks, a source close to the matter told the Journal.

Former Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg and New York radio host Randy Credico previously said they’d been contacted by the special counsel’s investigators about Stone and WikiLeaks.

Mueller has long been curious whether or not Roger Stone had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of Hillary Clinton’s hacked campaign emails. Rumors of a Stone indictment and arrest have been floating around for months now. In September we reported that Stone might get arrested for lying under oath about his WikiLeaks contacts.

We know that Stone publicly predicted the Clinton email leaks. He also admitted that he had been communicating with the hacker of the emails, Guccifer 2.0, who was later revealed to be a Russian military intelligence officer.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal is now publishing a summary of everything known about Stone, his associates, and their contacts with WikiLeaks is leading to speculation that Mueller is about ready to break some big news. He has been investigating this for years so we know that he knows a lot more than he has made public.

It’s possible that Robert Mueller is about to move on Roger Stone and the Journal found out about it in advance. If so,  this could be the final move by Mueller before he starts indicting and arresting members of Donald Trump’s own family.