Adam Schiff Just Put Trump To Shame On Khashoggi Murder Cover-Up

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he doesn’t buy the Saudi story on Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, which is something that the Saudi royal family owned Trump will never say.


Schiff said on ABC’s This Week, “I got a detailed briefing from the intelligence community about what they know, what they can tell us at this point, and while I can’t go into the substance of it, I can tell you that I don’t find this Saudi account credible at all. There’s simply no way that they dispatched a team this large and that Khashoggi engaged in some kind of brawl unless he was fighting for his life, but I think we can see where this is headed. Ultimately, the president is going to accept the crown prince’s denials, but it’s hard for me to imagine that these orders would have been carried out without the knowledge of the crown prince. I think this ought to be a relationship-altering event for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, that we ought to suspend military sales, we ought to suspend certain security assistance, and we ought to impose sanctions on any of those who were directly involved in this murder.”

Adam Schiff showed the difference between real leadership and a bought and owned puppet president. The US economy doesn’t need Saudi arms sales, and as Steve Schmidt recently pointed out the US doesn’t need Saudi oil. There is no reason for the US to prop the Saudi royal family and turn a blind eye to the murder of a US resident journalist outside of the Trump family’s personal finance.

In a minute, Rep. Schiff showed the kind of real leadership that the country isn’t getting from Trump’s presidency. President puppet is destroying American values around the world, and it is up to Democrats to save the country at home and abroad.

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