Latinos, Democrats, and African-Americans Are All More Excited Than Republicans About The Election

A new poll shows that Democrats, Latinos, and African Americans are all more enthusiastic about the midterm election than Republicans.

Mark Murray of NBC News described the voter enthusiasm numbers in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll:

The highlight is the unprecedented enthusiasm. 65% of all voters have high interest in the upcoming midterm elections. We have never seen that for any other midterm cycle for our poll dating all the way back to the 2016 midterm cycle. You end up seeing 72% of Democrats having high interest. 68% of Republicans high interest. But also what’s very notable is you end up having Latinos, women and younger voters with much higher enthusiasm and interest in the election than in our previous surveys this year.

And what’s really interesting about that higher interest from Latinos, women, and millennials is it translates to a lead on the congressional preference, having a 50% to 51% lead. Among likely voters, it’s 8. What stands out is that normally in midterm election environments, you end up having Republicans with the edge among likely voters. Their voters, the ones who traditionally go to the polls. A lot of the parts of the Democratic voters don’t. Our poll shows Democrats having the edge in the likely voter model.

Here is the chart:


Democrats Are Ready To Vote

The poll shows that Democratic enthusiasm is not diminishing a just two weeks out from Election Day. It also reveals that Republicans can’t match Democratic excitement. The Democratic enthusiasm has been visible in special elections, the 2017 election, and 2018 primary elections. It has been a consistent presence and factor.

The red flags for Republicans are key constituencies that normally vote majority Democratic are more excited than ever for this midterm election. If women, millennials, college-educated white voters, African-Americans, and Latinos show up in higher than average midterm numbers, election night will be a bloodbath for the GOP.

The lesson that Trump and the Republican Congress appear to have taught Democrats is that if they want a Congress who will represent them, they have to vote in midterm elections.

Republicans have a big problem, and there aren’t enough Trump rallies to fix it, because Democrats aren’t just angry. They’re showing up to vote.

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