Republicans Crush Trump Lie About New Middle Class Tax Cut Before The Midterm

Even though Congress is not session, Trump promised a new middle-class tax cut before the midterm election to which Republicans in Congress said no.

Politico reported:
This lede from Bloomberg’s Joshua Gallu, Justin Sink, and Sahil Kapur pretty much captures the reaction MM also got when emailing and texting around this weekend about the tax cut comments: “Trump has promised a new middle-income tax cut plan to land days before the midterm election, a move aimed at boosting his party’s chances of holding its Congressional majorities — yet Republican tax policy-makers know nothing about it. …

“A Republican tax lobbyist with ties to GOP leadership said he’s unaware of any effort in Congress to address tax policy before the midterm elections. The lobbyist, who asked not to be identified to discuss internal matters, said he met with White House officials recently, and came away believing that no additional effort at tax legislation was imminent.” Read more.

There are people inside the administration at senior levels who have no idea what Trump was talking about, FYI.

Trump is lying to voters to help Republicans

The answer is not complicated. Trump made up the middle-class tax cut to help Republican candidates who are getting crushed by the tax cuts for the rich, but there can’t be a new tax cut because Congress is not in session and won’t be until after the election. Even if Congress was in session, no legislation has been introduced for a new middle-class tax cut. It doesn’t exist.

What Republicans are twisting themselves in knots to avoid saying is that Trump is lying. However, the does reveal something interesting about Trump. After blowing up the deficit with the tax cuts for the wealthy, his first instinct is to spend more money and fiscally run the country into the ground.

Trump has made his money through fraud and bankruptcy and he is using that same business model as president.

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