Brian Kemp Busted In Leaked Audio Worrying About Georgia Minorities Voting

Republican Sec. of State and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp was caught in a massive conflict of interest as secret audio recorded him worrying about minorities in Georgia voting.

Kemp was recorded at a fundraiser saying, “Worried as we were going into the start of early voting with the literally tens of millions of dollars that they are putting behind the get-out-the-vote effort to their base. A lot of that with absentee ballot requests. They have just an unprecedented number of that, which is something that continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote — which they absolutely can — and mail those ballots in, we gotta have heavy turnout to offset that.”

Listen via Rolling Stone:

Brian Kemp is conflicted and must resign

Much of what Kemp said sounds like a candidate talking up their opponent’s turnout operation, but Brian Kemp isn’t just any candidate. He is the Secretary of State. He will decide how many of those absentee voters that the Abrams campaign is mobilizing will have their votes counted.

Kemp was worried about who was voting more than how many people are voting. The job of the secretary of state is to oversee and protect the integrity of a state’s elections. Given what is on this audio recording, it is clear that Brian Kemp is incapable of overseeing the gubernatorial election in a fair and impartial manner.

Voter suppression is running rampant under Kemp in Georgia, but this secretly recorded audio is the smoking gun that proves he’s got to go.

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