Former Obama HUD Secretary Says Caravan Is Proof That Trump Has Totally Failed On Immigration

Former Obama HUD Secretary Julian Castro said that the latest caravan of Central American migrants moving through Mexico is proof that Trump’s immigration policies have totally failed.

Castro said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

This is proof positive that Donald Trump has been a total failure when it comes to immigration. He promised us, and he went out there and said that if we abused the families by taking away the little children from the families that it would deter more families from coming to the country, and this is not true. So even if you are out there, and you are Republican, an Independent, and you have concerns about, about immigration, and you are willing to believe that maybe separating children from their families may have been okay or the right thing to do, he said that he would do that, because he was going to deter folks from coming, and in fact, it did not work at all.

So, I think that people can see through fearmongering and trying to pit people against each other and scapegoating of the folks with a failed policy, and it is so convenient that this comes up two weeks before the election, and it is like the middle-class tax cut that nobody knows about.


The Caravan is proof that Trump is a failure on immigration

Trump has had a Republican congress and the ability to do what he wants, and his strategy has failed. Trump thought that he could scare and terrorize immigrants into not coming to the United States, but when people live in a place where violence, murder, and no economic opportunity are the norm, they get desperate enough to try fleeing, because being alive elsewhere is better than death at home.

The caravan is only highlighting Trump’s failure on his signature issue, which is why he is cooking up conspiracies and blaming Democrats. Trump is a failing president, and the sense that this failure must be checked is stronger with voters than the fear that the president is whipping up over the migrant caravan

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