Rapidly Declining Trump Claims He Sent Singer Michael Bolton To Russia

Trump showed more signs of mentally slipping away when he told reporters that he sent singer Michael Bolton, instead of National Security Adviser John Bolton To Russia.

The president said, “We may, it’s being discussed right now, Mike Bolton, as you know, is in Russia. Talking about various things including the whole nuclear situation where we’re not treated well for many years, it should have been done a long time ago. I think something good could come out of that. I very well meet — I think we probably will. It hasn’t been set up yet, but it probably will be.”


John Bolton is not new to the White House. He has been working as Trump’s national security adviser for seven months. These kinds of mental lapses are a sign that the aging president might not be able to keep up with the duties of the presidency. It is inexcusable for Trump to get the name of his national security adviser wrong while he is the process of making the epic mistake of pulling the United States out of a critical nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.

Michael Bolton is not in Russia.

It is moments like this that harm the credibility of the presidency and the United States in the world. There is something seriously wrong with Trump, and the more he speaks in public, the more obvious it becomes.

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