Sen. Maize Hirono Tells Democrats When Trump Goes Low, We Fight Back

Sen. Maize Hirono (D-HI) had a message for Democrats. When Trump goes low, we have to fight back.

Sen. Hirono said on CNN, “When he equates what happened to Mr. Khashoggi with the arms deal, which is, by the way, a long-term process, I think he is creating a false choice, but we definitely need to reassess what we are doing with Saudi Arabia. With Trump, everything is about money, particularly for his own family. And by the way, you mentioned in the earlier segment that he is throwing everything out there and trying to make sure that the mid-term election go the way he wants by not just dog whistles, but I would call it a bullhorn and really when he goes low, we have to fight back.”


It is a message that Democrats need to hear, embrace, and act on for the next two weeks. When Trump goes low, and the nation hasn’t seen Trump hit bottom yet, every single Democrat needs to fight back. The best to fight back is to vote, and the more Trump lies, the more people you get motivated to vote.

Trump doesn’t think that there will be any price to pay for his lies ranging from the migrant caravan to the middle-class tax cut that doesn’t exist, but if voters watch Trump and increase their determination to vote for Democratic candidates the price that Trump and his party pays will be immense on election night.

When Trump goes low, more Democrats get elected is the dynamic that Democrats need to establish. Trump is terrified of being investigated and impeached. The threat of such actions isn’t enough. The president needs a check put on him, and a Democratic Congress is the best and fastest way to make the madness stop.

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