Stacey Abrams Burned a White Supremacist Flag And Conservatives Are Losing Their Minds

Conservatives have finally found their burning ball that will distract Georgia voters from the issues, that is, if their vote is counted at all with the Republican Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, who is also running against this Democrat for governor, canceling over 1.4 million voter registrations since 2012, with the list of voter registrations on hold nearly 70 percent black. Stacey Abrams is black.

They tell us “Georgia’s Democrat Candidate for Governor Burned the Flag,” which leads the reader to believe that she burned *the* flag, but in truth, she burned “the old *Georgia* flag, which had been designed specifically by white supremacists as a show of defiance to desegregation in 1956.” That is to say, the Confederate “battle flag,” the “banner for Dixiecrats and white supremacists.”

THE FLAG. As in, THE FLAG, not “A FLAG”. The definite article is the word “the”. It limits the meaning of a noun to one particular thing.

Erickson starts off his argument, after his very misleading headline, by accusing Abrams of being a racist against white people, saying she “organized a protest of her opponent in the Democratic primary on the sole grounds of being white.” Sounds like another conservative PizzaGate conspiracy, best left to the home of the Racist-in-Chief himself, Donald Trump. It is a mistake to chase every conservative bomb thrown, and a distraction from the fact that Brian Kemp has already abused his power in a grotesque manner to help himself win an election, by stealing rights away from American citizens.

For some reason, white Erick Erickson thinks Abrams burning a white supremacist flag is relevant enough to write about, but not relevant enough to include in his title. A compatriot at Red State tried to fight back against the Kruse fact-whipping:

But we are back to “the flag” versus “the Confederate battle flag” or “a flag” or “White supremacist flag.” Clearly “the flag” is meant to sound like the American flag, and for all of those who do headlines and know that is why things get shared, this is a blatant attempt to smear Abrams with false accusations. Wouldn’t a white person want to burn a flag that represented the battle to take away their citizenship and rights? Pretty sure that would be seen as an act of bravery by conservatives if this were a white rights issue. “Don’t tread on me” comes to mind.

Kevin Kruse explained the origin of the flag, which Erickson mentioned as well, but only as an aside “to be fair” after his headline refers to “The Flag” which is quite a different animal than the Confederate Battle flag of white supremacists, which he himself acknowledges.

The history:

The article “the” suggests there is just the one thing. If Erick Erickson can’t handle basic English, he probably shouldn’t be writing. That or he is outraged that Abrams burned a white supremacist flag. Which is it?