October Surprise: Trump’s Former Lawyer Gives Voters The Biggest Reason Yet To Vote Democrat

Former Trump lawyer, Ty Cobb said that the Russia investigation is not a witch hunt, and called the special prosecutor an American hero.

Cobb said when asked if he thought that the Russia investigation was a witch hunt, “I don’t think it’s a witch hunt.”

Trump’s former attorney went on to praise Mueller for his service in Vietnam while calling him an American hero.

Ty Cobb was the member of the Trump legal team who according to various books and articles on the Trump White House urged cooperation with the Mueller investigation. Cobb left Trump’s legal team after it was clear that the president only wanted legal representation that would embrace and push Trump’s witch hunt conspiracy view of the Russia investigation.


When Trump’s own former lawyer is validating the investigation by rebuking the president’s claims of a vast conspiracy that is out to get him, that is a big problem. In two weeks, Mueller may not be investigating the events of the 2016 election alone. Cobb’s comments underscore why it is important to elect Democrats to the House and Senate.

Republicans have shown for nearly two years that they aren’t going to investigate this president. The only way that Mueller will be protected is if a Democratic majority in the House, Senate, or both has his back.

Ty Cobb has given voters another reason to vote Democrat.

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