Clinton, Obama, CNN, and Soros Bombs Are All Linked

The bombs targeting George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and CNN are all linked according to investigators.

CNN reported, “Our Evan Perez was getting information there was a package that had been intercepted that may have been going to the White House. We’re being told by the secret service that’s not the case. There was some confusion over that. We’ve now cleared that up. It was not a device or a suspicious package that was being sent to the White House. Just to recap, we know of at least three other devices which authorities believe are linked to this device. One was sent to the home of George Soros in New York, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, and then obviously the one that was sent to former president Barack Obama. So now authorities — I can tell you the FBI’s joint terrorism task force, along with the NYPD, the ATF, police, and FBI here in Washington, D.C., along with the secret service are all the working this extremely hard. They’re trying to figure out who is sending this. The other thing very, very important to point out, Kate, is there could be other device out there. That’s what’s got authorities really concerned.”


Someone is targeting the people and organizations that Trump attacks regularly.
The first three targets were clues that there could be a Trump supporting domestic terrorist carrying out these attempted attacks. The tip-off that there likely is a Trump supporting bomber out there is the attempted attack on CNN. No other news network has been vilified as regularly by Trump as CNN. Trump has convinced himself and his followers that CNN is fake news.

The fact that someone is targeting those that Trump considers his enemies is not a coincidence.

The Republican fiction of left-wing mobs has met the reality of a potential right-wing terrorist.

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