Kellyanne Conway Falls Apart When Asked About Trump’s Lie That Democrats Fund Caravans

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway couldn’t answer a reporter’s question about whether the Trump administration had evidence supporting its claim that the Democrats were funding the caravan of migrants heading to the U.S.

Instead of answering the question, Conway pushed onward with her propaganda goal of fear-mongering, saying the president is dealing with something “you don’t seem interested in, which is who’s coming in this caravan.”

Republicans are treating the caravan as if we had no way to stop it from entering the United States if indeed it were full of “Middle Easterners” (by which they infer to their base, inaccurately again, as “terrorists”), as they keep suggesting, with yet again no evidence.

If Republicans really thought the caravan was a national security issue, why don’t they do something about it instead of wringing their hands and crying wolf yet again.


The truth is the caravans are full of mostly Honduran migrants who are seeking asylum from violence and poverty. They are nothing to be afraid of, and it’s odd that Republicans are always so scared of people who have such little power.

It’s also worth asking why jailing babies haven’t kept the caravan away since Trump justified and continues to justify this Trump tactic by claiming it sends a message and keeps people from trying to cross the border. So, that’s a double fail.

Trump has desperately tried to use the caravan as a get out the vote scare to terrify his supporters into voting as Democrats look likely to take back the House on November 6th, which would mean a lot of investigations into Trump’s Russia scandal and other ethical and possibly illegal scandals.

Trump has repeatedly falsely accused Democrats of “encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our nation,” when he has zero evidence that Democrats have done any such thing, and in fact the only party benefiting from the caravan is the Republican Party, so if anyone paid them the motive lay with Republicans, not Democrats.

Trump and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also tweet this false accusation repeatedly, with Sanders laying it out Tuesday night just hours before multiple top Democrats were targeting with explosive devices:

There is no evidence to believe anyone is funding them, but that is not the point. Trump is simply looking for an issue to fire up his base, and if he has to lie and stoke the fires of violence to do it, he really doesn’t care, do u?

If you do care, show up on November 6th to vote and make this president accountable.

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