Trump Takes Lying To A New Level By Claiming He’ll ‘Totally’ Protect Preexisting Conditions

Trump tweeted that he is going to totally protect preexisting conditions after he just established a rule allowing states to sell plans not covering them.

Trump tweeted:

The best way to understand why Republicans push obvious lies is to keep in mind the fundamental principle that governs GOP messaging. Republicans don’t think that the American people are paying attention. Trump just imposed a rule to make it easier for states to allow plans to be sold that don’t cover preexisting conditions.

Republicans have spent the last eight years trying to kill the Affordable Care Act. As Rachel Maddow pointed out, Obamacare’s popularity has caused Republicans to try to run on the Democratic position of covering preexisting conditions even though Republicans in Congress have taken more than 70 votes to kill Obamacare.

Republican candidates aren’t trying to win over Democrats with this lie. They are trying to keep their own voters in line. Poll after poll reveals Republican voters want preexisting conditions covered.

Trump’s tweet is the logical next step in the Republican Party’s split from reality. It is a lie to a whole new galaxy, where they aren’t even trying to pretend that their current statements have any relationship to their actions.

If Trump and his party are willing to lie this obviously, they can’t be trusted on any issue, which is why they must be voted out of office in less than two weeks.

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