Pathetic Trump Tweets 3 Words As Democrats Are Targeted With Bombs

Trump didn’t personally criticize the violence against Democrats instead he retweeted Mike Pence and said that he agrees.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is pathetic

Trump had plenty to say while trying to scare Republicans this morning:

Trump had multiple tweets about his approval rating two days ago:

However, someone who was likely inspired by his violent rhetoric targets Democrats and CNN with bombs and all he can say is I agree wholeheartedly. Donald Trump is giving winking approval to this behavior by not strongly and directly condemning it. This is a pattern that the American people have seen consistently with Trump. The president defends men accused of sexual assault. He defends white supremacists and Nazis after they murder an innocent woman, and now he goes silent when his words inspire violence.

Trump isn’t a president. He is a pathetic coward who can’t be removed from office soon enough.

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