Disgraceful Trump Wisconsin Rally Crowd Chants Lock Her Up After Hillary Clinton Is Targeted By Terrorist

Trump supporters chanted lock her up at the president’s rally in Wisconsin on the same day that a terrorist tried to send a bomb to Hillary Clinton.

This was the scene at Trump’s rally in Wisconsin:

Trump supporters don’t care that there is a domestic terrorist or a group of domestic terrorists targeting Democrats and CNN. They don’t care that the lock her up chant is one of the main drivers of this extremism.

The Trump supporters have learned nothing. They are going to keep coming to Donald Trump’s oldies festival rallies and like a crowd chanting for Freebird at the Skynyrd concert. the Trump cult will repeat their mantra of lock her up as if reliving a greatest hit without caring about the damage that they are causing.

Trump won’t disavow these chants, because hatred and division are the keys to his political success. They are also a part of who Donald Trump is. No one expected the Trump supporters to care about their country or change their tone. These are the same people who have no problem with Trump’s potentially criminal activities with Russia.

Donald Trump is the problem, and there won’t a solution until he and his cult are removed from power.

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