Newt Gingrich Admits Kavanaugh Is Only On The Supreme Court To Protect Trump

Right-wing blowhard Newt Gingrich accidentally admitted on Thursday that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will put Donald Trump over the rule of law.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Gingrich said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will be “worth it” if Democrats subpoena the president’s tax returns and the fight goes to the nation’s highest court.

The former Speaker of the House suggested that if that scenario played out, Kavanaugh could be the one to protect Trump’s presidency from any investigation or accountability.


Gingrich first said that Trump has been knee-deep in lawsuits all his life and his current legal trouble is business as usual.

“This is a billionaire who has fought lawsuits his entire career and he’s never noticed them. He doesn’t care. That’s why he has lawyers,” Gingrich said. “So they can come at him from a hundred levels. He’ll just hire 100 lawyers and say, ‘Call me when it’s over, I gotta go do other things. I’m going to China or I’m going to campaign.’ But I don’t think he has any fear of the Democrats’ ability to investigate.”

When he was asked what would happen in the case of a Democratic subpoena of Trump’s tax returns, Gingrich said, “Then [Democrats will] be trapped into appealing to the Supreme Court and we’ll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it.”

With or without the sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh is unfit to sit on the Supreme Court

While the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh appropriately received the most focus during his confirmation battle, the Supreme Court justice was never fit to serve.

Remember, this is a man who believes presidents are essentially above the law. He doesn’t even believe they should be investigated.

It’s no surprise that Trump picked Kavanaugh over other potential nominees that would be easier to confirm – and he stuck with him after multiple women stepped forward with credible allegations of sexual assault.

On Thursday, Newt Gingrich accidentally told the truth and confirmed what we already knew: Brett Kavanaugh is a pawn for Donald Trump.

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