Penzey’s Spices Delivers a Spicy Smackdown to Conservatives Trying To Shame Their Activism


Penzey’s, the Voice of Cooking spice company, delivered a spicy smackdown to conservatives who attempted to shame them for their political activism. It’s a brilliant, uplifting, and truthful response that everyone should read. It starts off with this, “If you weren’t hurting anyone, you could believe whatever you wish and, for the most part, no one would say anything. But you are hurting people by what your support is keeping in power” and only gets better.

Read for yourself:


Someone posted this on our Facebook page and I believe it is worth sharing with you:

“How incredibly biased your company is. I hope your conservative customers take a hard look at what you are really selling. You certainly do not want America to be great again. I am a proud Republican conservative and think our great president is making America great again!”

And first off, let me say thanks for writing, to you and every other writer of the 30-40,000 comments I’ve read along these lines in the last two years. And yes, we are biased, biased in favor of the kindness at the heart of cooking. Through cooking we learn that when we take time to share kindness and care for those around us, the world becomes a better place. There was a time when this kindness was at home in both political parties. For now, at least, those days are past. Reading all these emails has been an education. At this point my response is:

“If you weren’t hurting anyone, you could believe whatever you wish and, for the most part, no one would say anything. But you are hurting people by what your support is keeping in power. Your support of racism, environmental devastation and the devaluation of our standing in the world is causing real harm not only to all of us right now, but to future generations as well.

“I understand how the realities our country is facing have been kept from you, and that your thoughts are no longer entirely your own. Doesn’t it seem odd to you how your mind can sincerely believe celebrities and business people should stay out of politics while at the very same time being equally sincerely excited about your celebrity businessman president? And I have no doubt that you love this country, but doesn’t it somewhere deep down bother you that we are turning our allies against us while empowering and enriching those who would do us harm?

“Somewhere along the way you gave up something inside you of who you are, something so fundamental to the functioning of democracy. Where once you would have held deep distrust for any candidate keeping their tax returns hidden, you came to see the hiding of the truth as admirable. Where once you saw loyalty as key to character, now it sure seems you are totally fine with third spouses, playboy models, and adult industry workers for all. I’ve known and enjoyed conservatives all my life, and I have to be honest with you and say this just does not sound like you.

“Please wake up. Your country needs you.”

The good news is that a whole lot of people who were supporting all of this just a short while ago are now waking up and rejecting the personality cult the Republican Party has become and are instead finding their own path.

We’ve also seen posted recently:

“I didn’t choose to leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party chose to leave me.”

“I, and the rest of my family, were born and bred Republicans. Donated $$, canvased for votes (both door-to-door and by phone), worked the polls…. And THIS current Republican Party in no way resembles the party we supported. I really can’t view it as Republican.”

“I am a lifelong Republican, and have never been more embarrassed to say so. I am working diligently in my state of NH to get Democrats elected!”

“Don’t let the label you have slapped on yourself not reflect the truth of what you believe. I grew up in a Republican family, and heck, even my mom isn’t Republican anymore.”

The even better news is, if you choose to make the change, from everything we’ve seen, a whole lot of people will be really-really happy that you did and they will welcome you with wide open arms. As much as the President himself is pushing the false notion that those who oppose him are driven by hate and anger, this simply isn’t true. Hate doesn’t drive people to work for transgender rights, racial equality, or the welcoming of asylum seekers. Just the opposite really.

For anyone who has come around to realizing supporting the President and those enabling him was a mistake but are now worried about how they will be treated if they come out and make the change, please don’t be. Really kind people are going to be very happy for you. Right now it’s not about where you have been so much as about where you’ve arrived. And now’s a good time to arrive at a good place. I think you will find the food tasty here, too. Not a lot of lonely desktop taco salads and buckets of deep-fried fast food. A big part of the fun in celebrating all the cultures that actually make America great is the Cooks you meet and the foods they share. Dig in!

The election is now right around the corner. As much as we believe every night is a good night to cook, and there’s nothing better to do with your time than cooking, we’re good with re-heating something Tuesday 11.6.18 to give you time to get out to vote. With that in mind, and understanding some foods are even more tasty after a day or even two, through this weekend we are offering you your choice of a couple of really good Chili Powders Free with just a $5 purchase.

Our Chili 3000 is a great Chili Powder with a bright and exciting traditional flavor that is all you have come to expect Chili to be. Chili 9000 takes it one step further and hints at the world of Chili flavor that is out there, but is also very much at home in America where we value all the cultures that make us who we are. Tasty stuff. Cook Chili Sunday 11.4. Refrigerate. Eat Chili Tuesday 11.6. Save time to vote!

To get your choice of half-cup $7+ value Chili, bring in this email or the coupon below to one of our stores and spend $5. Online at, once you’ve reached $5 in spending, enter 11455C in the apply code box at checkout for Chili 3000 or 11950C for Chili 9000. There’s no need to place the Chili in your basket, the codes will do that for you and for free!

And our full-size I Will Vote 11.6.18 refrigerator/bumper stickers are starting to be in short supply, but we do still have a quantity of the smaller lapel-sized stickers. These stickers are great for handing out while talking about the value in voting and just how important this election is. If you are part of an organized Get Out the Vote effort and think a bunch of these stickers would help, let us know at And yes, of course, these are available to whatever side you are on. Get Out the Vote is for everyone. Sooner or later the Republican Party is going to become something different. It would be good to have Cooks involved in what that is to be. Sooner rather than later please.

Thanks for being Cooks,

Bill Penzey

Liking this post, liking our FB page, and more importantly, leaving a comment helps offset the extra hurdles our posts face due to our “political” belief that cooking is what happens when you care about people. And especially with all that’s happened this week, please share this with anyone you know who could use a reminder that it is getting better. Plus please share the importance of voting. You are more respected than you imagine. You have the power to Get Out the Vote of those around you. Please use it. Thanks.

What a brilliant point that their conservative customers don’t want them pushing kindness and get out the vote efforts while they are perfectly fine with Donald Trump using the presidency to enrich himself as he attacks half of the country routinely, and incites violence with his regular doses of hate.

Penzey’s has done a great job of not being ashamed or cowered in the face of conservative backlash. This is how we all need to stand up for what is right and just. To stand up for kindness as a prevailing value.