Trump Tweets That He Only Uses Government Phones From An Unsecure iPhone

Trump claim that he only uses government phones was immediately debunked as he tweeted from an unsecured iPhone.

Trump tweeted in response to a New York Times story that Russia and China are listening to his calls:

It was quickly discovered that Trump posted his tweet from an iPhone, not a government phone:

The tweet could have been posted by a staffer or someone else, but it has been reported since the spring of 2018 that has been using unsecured iPhones to tweet and talk to his friends. Trump has refused to regularly swap out his phones, or use secure government phones. The president’s attempt to rebut The New York Times story immediately fell apart because Trump apparently continues to tweet from unsecured devices.

The President Of The United States is jeopardizing national security because he won’t talk and tweet on a secure line. Trump’s claim that he only uses government lines is an obvious lie that was easily disproven by the device stamp on his own tweet.

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