Here Is Would Be Democratic Assassin Cesar Sayoc Jr. At A Trump Rally


Cesar Sayoc Jr. wasn’t just a Trump supporter. He was one of Donald Trump’s most devoted followers.

Here is Cesar Sayoc Jr. at a Trump rally:


Here he is in his MAGA hat:

The propaganda that was on the would-be assassin’s van is available at any Trump rally:

A Man Who Tried To Kill High Profile Democrats Was a Trump True Believer

The press has been dancing around the subject, but the man who sent these bombs wasn’t trying to scare Democrats. He was trying to kill them. Donald Trump has called CNN and the free press the enemy of the people. He has called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed and claimed that his critics have committed treason.

Cesar Sayoc Jr. isn’t some lone wolf who was acting out of his own motives. Sayoc was acting on what Donald Trump has been telling his supporters for years. This is a man who may have had inclinations, but was radicalized into action by Trump. The dozen or more bombs that were sent was the biggest mass assassination attempt in US political history.

Sayoc didn’t come up with the target list on his own. It was handed to him through the political rhetoric of Trump.

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