NRA Puppet Trump Calls For More Guns After Mass Shooting Attack At Pittsburgh Synagogue


Surprise: Donald Trump responded to the deadly mass shooting attack in Pittsburgh on Saturday by calling for more guns.

When asked a short time ago if U.S. gun laws need to be changed, the president gave a response that couldn’t have been more predictable.

Trump said, “Well again, this has little to do with it if you take a look. If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better.”



Trump said:

Well again, this has little to do with [gun laws] if you take a look. If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist I suspect, but if they have some kind of a protection inside the temple, maybe it could have been a very much different situation, but they didn’t and he was able to do things that, unfortunately, he shouldn’t have been able to do.

In other words, Trump is sticking to his standard talking point that we need more guns in public places, including places of worship, not fewer.

As of now, at least eight individuals have been confirmed killed in the Pittsburgh mass shooting, which was reportedly carried out by a male suspect in his 40s who was shouting anti-semitic slurs.

Trump and Republicans are owned by the NRA

Donald Trump and his Republican lawmakers have repeatedly refused to act, even as these mass shooting attacks keep happening, from Sutherland Springs, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada.

This inaction isn’t an accident. According to, the National Rifle Association forked over more than $50 million to key Republican candidates in 2016, including Trump.

That investment has paid off in a big way for the gun lobby.

On Saturday, after yet another act of American gun violence, the president is already signaling that he will once again put money over lives.

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