Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack Is The 294th Mass Shooting In the U.S. In 2018

With Saturday’s deadly attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue, there have now been nearly 300 mass shootings in the United States in 2018.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 294 mass shooting incidents have taken place this year – and today is the 300th day of the year.

The number killed in the shooting has risen to eight at this hour, but could be as many as 10. Twelve others were injured, including three police officers. The suspected shooter is reportedly a man in his 40s who yelled anti-Semitic comments during the attack.

According to NBC News, “It is believed the suspect was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and multiple handguns.”

Voters must demand sensible gun laws this year

With the November elections just around the corner, gun violence should be at the top of voters’ minds as they cast their ballots. We can no longer tolerate lawmakers who refuse to act on this issue.

Even more importantly, we can no longer tolerate language from right-wing leaders, Trump especially, that encourages this type of violent extremist behavior.

As Dan Rather tweeted on Saturday after the shooting, “The focus should not be only on Trump, but all who excuse, abet, or stand in silence while hate is stoked for political gain.”

In less than two weeks, voters have a chance to do what Republican politicians will not: Act.

Almost every day of 2018, mass gun violence has wreaked havoc in small towns and big cities across the country, all while NRA-owned Republican politicians do nothing about it.

While we can expect the same do-nothing GOP response after this religiously-motivated shooting in Pittsburgh, voters can actually do something in 10 days when they go to the polls.

Enough is enough.

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