Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer And Explains Why Trump Owns The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained that Trump’s modus operandi of preaching hate and division daily is why he owns the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting.

Rep. Schiff said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “None of these acts of hatred will be identical. You had, as you pointed out, some go attempt to get into an African American church, shoot people and shot two African Americans in the store. You had these bombs that were sent around two of the president’s critics and opponents. And you had someone who went into this synagogue filled with the idea that Jews were behind this caravan. Something that has been pushed out in social media. And so you’re never going to find all of these are exactly the same.

Nonetheless, what is the same is, are we part of the solution, are we part of trying to make this a more perfect union? Are we trying to accentuate what brings us together, what unites us or are we preaching hatred and division? Honestly, I think this president’s whole modus operand is to divide us. He gets up in the morning with new and different ways to divide us, and it’s not enough that he says the right words on the day of a tragedy if every other day he says things to bring us into conflict with each other.


Adam Schiff: Trump Has Created A Climate For Hate With His Tone

Presidents set the tone, and the tone that Trump has set is one of hatred and division. The only reason why the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter wasn’t supporting Trump was that he didn’t think that Trump was racist enough, so the notion that the guy wasn’t a Trump supporter misses the bigger point that Trump is as a political strategy using the presidency as a tool of division, instead of unity.

Rep. Schiff was correct. Trump is responsible for the preaching of hatred and division, and when a president uses the bully pulpit for such purposes, the result is reflected in the actions inflicted on society by his followers.

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