Will Ferrell Went Door To Door In Georgia Urging Voters To Vote For Stacey Abrams

Actor Will Ferrell has been spotted in Georgia going door to door canvassing for Democratic candidates and Stacey Abrams.

The Georgia Democrats posted a video of Farrell:

Here are some pictures of Ferrell volunteering:

Stacey Abrams and Georgia Democrats need all the help that they can get as Republicans are using every voter suppression tactic imaginable to keep Democrats from winning. The Georgia governor’s race should be very close. If Ferrell can inspire voters to go to the polls and support Abrams it could have bigger implications than an election for governor. An Abrams victory would mean that one of the vilest voter suppression machines in the United States would be dismantled, and Georgians could finally begin to realize the progress that they have been working toward for years.

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