Islamic Center Of Pittsburgh Offers To Stand Outside Of Synagogue To Protect Jews

The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh offered to stand guard outside of the synagogue to protect Jewish people as they worship.

The leader of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh announced that they have raised over $70,000 for the victims of the attack, and said, “We just want to know what you need. You know, if it’s more money, let’s us know. If it is people outside of your next service protecting you, let us know. We’ll be there. If you need organizers on the ground, we’ll provide them. If you need food for the families, if you just need someone to come to the grocery store because you don’t feel safe in the city, we’ll be there, and I’m sure everybody in the room would say the same thing. We’re here for the community.”


Hate doesn’t win

Americans are very good at pulling together to donate money after a tragedy, but the Islamic Center showed the spirit that runs through the city of Pittsburgh. Muslims are willing to stand guard to protect Jews so that they can feel safe in their house of worship. The community won’t be fractured or defeated by one act of hate.

As Trump and his administration turn this horrific act of mass murder into an attack on the free press, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh showed that the culture of division and intolerance is inspiring can’t defeat the soul of Pittsburgh and the nation as a whole.

Hate can’t win, because the bonds that keep us together are stronger than the tactics of those who try to tear us apart.

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