Carl Reiner Blows Away Trump’s Midterm Lie Campaign With One Amazing Video

Carl Reiner spoke from the heart and in the process delivered a wake-up call that every American should see as they vote in the midterm election.

Carl Reiner said:

I’m Carl Reiner. I’m ninety-six and half years old, and I’ve seen a lot of things in my lifetime. I lived through the Great Depression. I served in World War II in our fight to defeat fascism. I’ve seen the invention of television and performed on television even before my family owned one, but what I have never seen is the American people being lied to every single day about everything. Lies about climate change. Lies about protecting Social Security and Medicare lies about Russia attacking our elections, lies about protecting people with preexisting conditions.

In my ninety-six and a half years I’ve seen a lot of things, but the one thing that I cannot bear to see is America being destroyed by racism, fearmongering and lies. Fortunately, on November 6th, there’s something we can do about that. We can vote for elected officials who will hold this president accountable, and after we do that my personal goal is to stick around until 2020 and vote to make sure that we have a decent, moral, law-abiding citizen in Washington who will make us all proud again.


Younger people, especially the kids who came of age during the Obama presidency, I suspect are a bit shellshocked at what they are seeing. Older people who have been around a bit longer can more easily grasp the unprecedented danger that Donald Trump presents to our nation. There are some power messages being delivered to voters as this election unfolds.

This midterm isn’t necessarily about the economy and jobs. There is a larger moral discussion driving people to the polls. Questions of character, morality, honesty, credibility, and corruption are deciding factors for many voters. Even the issue of healthcare has a moral component. Is it morally right for people with preexisting conditions to be denied health insurance?

Republicans are losing this election because Trump and his party are the issues.
Americans sense that there is something bigger at stake in this election, and they are voting like the future of their country depends on the outcome.

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