Panicked Trump Is Now Sending 15,000 Troops To Combat Imaginary Caravan Threat

A desperate Donald Trump, unable to behave in the manner of a president in the face of several crises over the last week including pipe bombs being sent to the entire leadership of the Democratic party, said on Wednesday that he might send as many as 15,000 military troops to fight off a caravan that isn’t even here yet.

The caravan is 1,000 miles away and is full of migrants who are fleeing violence and poverty, seeking asylum. The caravan presents zero threat to our country, and “they” are not coming to get anyone here. “They” are people who are so frightened of the violence in their own country, that America looks good to them right now.

The 5,200 troops already deployed will cost us untold millions. They are not necessary. And Trump is violating the law not to deploy troops inside the United States unless there is an insurrection or invasion. The caravan is not invading our country. They are nowhere near our border even; it’s weeks if not months away from our borders.

Trump is using this as an election year, and that’s why the number of troops keeps increasing. Trump is desperate. He has nothing else to offer, since people are mad about his tax cut for the rich and they don’t want him to continue undermining Obamacare and taking away protections for pre-existing conditions, part of the ACA law.

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(Additional reporting by Jeff Mason)