Republican Congressman Says He’d Rather GOP Lose The House Than Vote For Steve King


Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) made it clear that he would never cast a ballot for white supremacist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) even if it meant Republicans losing the House.

Curbelo, who is in a tough reelection contest in Florida, told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “His comments and his actions are disgusting. And look, I know nothing about his opponent Andrea, but I will tell you this, I would never cast a ballot for someone like Steve King.”

Mitchell asked, “Even if it meant that is the one seat that leads to losing the control of the House of Representatives?”


Carlos Curbelo replied, “My principles are more important than any of that. I would never cast a ballot for someone like Steve King.”


Rep. Steve King is an unabashed racist and white supremacist. His behavior is nothing new. What is new is that some Republicans are finally calling him out, and the national party is distancing themselves from him. Republicans and conservative media have been emboldening and encouraging his racism for years. He was a darling of Fox News and other right-wing outlets during the Obama presidency.

A Republican congressman encouraged voters in King’s district not to vote for him, even if losing the seat would cost Republicans the House.

Steve King is a national disgrace, but no one should be surprised if voters in a party led by Donald Trump send him back to Congress for another term.

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