The Pittsburgh Protest That Trump Called Fake Was Massive


Trump claimed that he didn’t see any protests, and blamed “fake news,” for the protest stories, but the protests were real, and they were massive.

Trump tweeted:


Here is video of the protest:

CNN had a reporter live and embedded with the protest and he said, “We’re less than a block away here, Wolf. This is the protest. There are several thousand people in this protest. It was one protest and then two, and then we got to this area, and you can hear those sirens. That is the president now leaving this area. Protesters have been completely peaceful, but there are several different groups represented here. I want to show you. If you just turn around here, this area, that direction, is where the synagogue is.”

The protesters turned their backs on Trump, and shouted, “President hate, leave our state,” at him.

The protesters were a block away, but loud enough for Trump to hear them as he visited the synagogue. It is impossible for Donald Trump to step outside of his fantasy world and see that was not wanted or liked in Pittsburgh. What made the Pittsburgh protest more impressive was that the White House tried to outwit the protesters by giving less than 24 hours notice of the president’s visit, but even with so little time to prepare, thousands of people took to the streets.

The protests were large, real, and really bad omen for Republicans days before a midterm election.

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