CNN Virtually Apologizes To Audience For Getting Conned Into Showing Trump Immigration Lies


CNN clearly regretted having gotten conned by the White House into showing Trump immigration remarks that were more repeats of lies.

Kaitlin Collins said:

We were told that the president was going to come out and kind of lay out the new immigration changes that he wanted specifically about asylum, well, the president just kind of repeat what had he says every night at his rallies about you fact-checked a lot of the claims that the president just made in a toned down manner from what we typically see at the rallies but only thing he said he didn’t believe poverty was an excuse for applying for asylum and next week he’ll be signing an executive order next week, though he didn’t detail what exactly that executive order is going to look like, and he said his administration is finalizing changes or appropriate sols to change the way you apply for asylum.

He didn’t get to any specifics the closest he got was if you cross the border illegally, that if you try to apply for asylum, you’ll be held. He didn’t say detained or turned away. He didn’t say you’d be denied ever being able to apply for asylum so I’m not sure what the presidential address it was to address. The White House said it was for this immigration crisis.


He said the president was going to come out and make the remarks but we just essentially watched what the president says every night at the rallies, care advance and Democrats saying that Republicans are in unison for immigration changes to the law even though they are very much not since the white house is Republican and the House in Republican and the Senate is Republican, and they have not changed any laws. That’s what we’ve watched but this time from the White House.


This White House Lies

MSNBC and Nicolle Wallace had it right. They refused to air Trump’s remarks on immigration until they had watched and fact-checked them. Trump is desperate for media attention, and he is a pathological liar. Of course, the White House was going to say anything to get the live coverage, and then let Trump ramble off into the same lies hate speech that he is running the midterm on.

CNN needs to be smarter than this. They got conned, and they owe the audience a big apology for giving Trump a platform for his divisive rhetoric.

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