Democrats Must Counter Punch Every Time Trump Lies About The Caravan

Many in the media once again fell for Trump’s lies on Thursday, airing his hate speech packaged as a “policy” announcement.

Democrats need to do to Trump what he did to the Fox debate he skipped; counter program him every day until the election.

Every public appearance by Trump or a Trump surrogate regarding the phony “immigration threat” Trump is claiming a caravan of impoverished and desperate people fleeing from violence represents needs to be matched by the attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue and the pipe bombs.

Democrats need to deploy their top people and celebrities to give news conferences during a Trump interview that’s going to be aired, during a White House press briefing, and during today’s 4:15 “announcement” by the President on this topic.

Deploy their top celebrity endorsers and top political stars who are not running for office right now. Discuss how Trump is going to defund the entire domestic terrorism program Obama set up, and how he has his administration deliberately ignore white supremacist violence. Tell people they and their loved ones are in danger, but it’s not from the caravan.

Trump doesn’t allow the media to ask him real questions, so they should stop airing his propaganda.

The media should warn people before he speaks that he lies every day, that he is lying about the caravan, that he has deployed more troops to the border than we have in Iraq to meet a caravan that isn’t even there and won’t be for weeks or months, and remind them that he has lied 3,084 times since becoming president.

The media and Democrats need to anticipate the lies and get the truth out before Trump is spewing them on TV. Studies show that people are much less prone to fall for a conspiracy if they are exposed to the facts first. But if they are exposed to the conspiracy and then the facts, they are more prone to believe the conspiracy. Donald Trump knows this, he knows how ineffective fact-checking can be. All he needs to do is expose people to his toxicity, which he managed to do today by tricking the media once again by claiming he would be unveiling some new immigration policy in his “briefing.”

Trump’s briefing was just more of his usual rally rant than a policy briefing. So all of the networks who “fell” for this again, and come on they didn’t actually fall for this, they’re not stupid, they are a party to exposing the country to Trump’s hate conspiracy that already motivated a shooter to kill 11 Jewish people in their place of worship and another man to send bombs to top Democrats and Trump critics.