The Politicus Pod: Republicans In Retreat As Blue Wave Approaches

On the new Politicus Pod, Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the cresting blue wave and the Republican retreat from the House.

Sarah Jones talked about the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, “You know what I want to talk about for a minute since we’re from the Pittsburgh area, let’s, let’s bring it back to the morality question, which I think is the thing that hangs over out. I’ll never forget talking to an independent voter in 2008. And they said to me that they didn’t know who they were going to vote for it until the morning of the election when they heard a racist comment by Sarah Palin on a good morning news talk show. And that was the deciding factor for them. And I’ve heard that that kind of thing over and over again from independent voters, it’s just not attractive to people. They don’t want to be a part of something like that.

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Jason Easley explained why 2018 is not 2016, “There’s no a person at the top of the ticket for the Democrats, and so these are a series of local and state elections where the Democrat isn’t helped or hurt by what’s at the top of the ticket or hovering over the ticket. In the case of Donald Trump, that’s not really the same animal. Yes, there are congressional elections this there and during a presidential election year, but the difference is different voters come out. I should say in previous years because we’re seeing a different pattern. The presidential electorate is different from a midterm electorate, which is usually just more hardcore supporters now. I said usually because we’re seeing presidential election year numbers in a lot of these midterm elections, which means that regular voters who don’t normally vote in midterms are showing up. So there’s, there’s a little, there’s a difference here because the people that are showing up this time, they usually don’t show up. The people showing up this time are Democrats. Whereas when we looked at the data from 2016, the people that didn’t show up were Democrats.”

Sarah Jones urged voters to get out and vote, “Please do everyone in this country a favor. Take your friends and family and go vote this November six. Do it for everyone who has lost someone they love to gun violence. Do it for minorities who are having their fundamental right to vote stolen for babies who are being jailed for rape victims, for morality, for decency, and for hope. Just do it.”

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