Obama Destroys Trump After A MAGA Heckler Interrupts Him In Florida

A heckler interrupted Obama who was campaigning for Democrats in Florida, so the former president responded by the destroyed the mentality and anger incited by Trump.

Obama said, “Hold on a second. There’s an interesting observation I want to make. Why is it that — hold on, hold on, hold on. Why is it — why is it that the folks that won the last election are so mad all the time? It’s an interesting question. I mean, like, when I won the presidency at least my side felt pretty good. You know, I don’t know why — it tells you something interesting. That even the folks who are in charge are still mad. Because they’re getting ginned up to be mad. That’s the mindset.”


Obama dives into the angry right mentality

Former President Obama was correct. Republicans are still angry even though they have won everything, because Trump has one note, and it’s anger. All Trump knows is spreading anger and hate. It is why he has no interest in uniting the country. It is why in times of tragedy he fails so miserably.

Republicans won everything in 2016, so why are they still so mad? Democrats were so happy after Obama won the presidency in 2008 that they got complacent and didn’t show up to vote in 2010. Democrats were so happy with Obama that they rationalized their lack of concern about the fate of Congress as no matter what, at least they had Obama to protect them.

Trump’s Republicans are angry because they are failing. They can feel their brief taste of power slipping away. The old white man who was supposed to turn back the clock and undo progress has flopped.

The MAGA heckler opened the door, and Barack Obama walked right through it to provide some key insight into why hope always beats fear, and voters are going drive that point home to Trump on Tuesday.

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