Thousands Show Up For Obama In Florida As People Walk Out On Trump

Two days after people walked out on Trump while he was still talking, Obama came to Florida and drew a crowd of 4,000 who waited for hours to hear him speak.

Local reporters on the scene noted that people were leaving Trump’s rally while he was still talking:

Trump claimed the parking lot was overflowing with people.

Here is what the parking lot looked like:

MSNBC reported on the scene in Miami for Obama, “President Obama here on the ground in Florida is generating what we’re hoping for. Presidential scale excitement. You look at the ground behind me. Organizers say there are about 4,000 people. Very loud crowd. I hope you can hear me well. I spoke to people who said I drove two hours to catch a glimpse of President Obama. As I walk up and down the people, you heard from people that they are here for a message of unity. Somebody told me I’m here for a palette cleanse.”


The same state, but two very different reactions from voters. Don’t be fooled by those who try to equate the excitement levels generated by Trump and Obama. Trump’s act has worn thin, even with some of his own supporters, as his rallies/public venting sessions have been stuck on the same note for two years.

People are craving Obama’s message of unity and hope. The enthusiasm is with the Democrats and their beloved former president. Trump’s rants about immigrants may play to the Fox News masses, but for the rest of the country, the message that is getting them to the polls belongs to Barack Obama.

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