Rep. Steve King Flips Out After Voter Accuses Him of Sharing Ideology with Pittsburgh Shooter

Republican Congressman Steve King blew up when a man accused him of sharing an anti-immigration ideology with that of the suspected Pittsburgh synagogue gunman who slaughtered eleven innocent Jewish people.

During a candidate forum in Des Moines, Iowa, King, who does in fact share that ideology, got angry and denied it with the fervor of a Republican falsely claiming they are going to protect pre-existing conditions after eight years of voting against and running against supporting pre-existing conditions.

“Do not associate me with that shooter!” King yelled at a constituent, whom he then referred to as an “ambusher.”


“No, don’t you do that,” a clearly flustered King argued. “Do not associate me with that shooter. I knew you were an ambusher when you walked in the room, but there’s no basis for this, and you get no question for that, and you get no answer. No! You’re done! We don’t play these games here in Iowa!”

Suspect Robert Bowers posted online his concerns about the “caravan” and the Jewish people aiding the caravan, which in fact does mirror King’s demonization of immigrants.

The Des Moines Register, where they know him best, described King thusly, “King has vilified undocumented immigrants as drug mules, palled around with alt-right international leaders and declared himself the defender of the white man’s culture.”

Land of Lakes, Purina and others have finally stopped funding King after the Pittsburgh massacre, although his views were well known before the gunman took action on the false conspiracy that the caravan poses a danger to Americans, so while it’s good news that they have finally decided it is enough, it’s grotesque that they were okay with the things King has said in the past. After all, King endorsed a white-supremacist candidate for mayor of Toronto. Sooooo… His views were not a secret.

Here’s another “clue:” King said he was “defending white men when he claimed they had contributed more to Western civilization than other ‘subgroups’ or cultures.” When you hear “Western civilization” and “subgroup” and “culture” from someone who claims they are defending white men, you are dealing with a white supremacist. That’s their language all over the web.

“Google that, ‘old white men,’ and you’ll find that comes out of the mouths of liberals in a daily basis across the country. They’re disparaging a group of people, and it’s time somebody stood up for that group of people,” King said in an interview, while clearly disparaging a group of people himself.

King also associates with a Nazi sympathizer and accused Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of making false accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, going so far as to ask with the self-pitying whinge that marks Republicans these days when they are called out for trampling others’ rights, “Is there any man in this room that wouldn’t be subjected to such an allegation? A false allegation? How can you disprove something like that? Which means, if that’s the new standard, no man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court again.”

I guess it’s okay for Steve King to disparage liberals and anyone who is not a white man, but these companies and the Republican Party finally see the light when that hate is acted upon.

A little late.

Steve King can dish it out, but if asked about his own views he melts down like the weak person he is.