Wonderful News For Democrats In Wisconsin As Tony Evers Leads Scott Walker By 6

This could be the year that Wisconsin finally rids itself of Gov. Scott Walker as Democrat Tony Evers leads Walker 51%-45% in the governor’s race.

A new Emerson College poll of Wisconsin found:

Scott Walker and Trump are both unpopular in Wisconsin. Walker has a 45% favorable rating and a 50% unfavorable rating. Trump is even less popular in the state with a 44% favorable rating and a 52% unfavorable rating. Trump was warned by his own White House not to go to Wisconsin because Scott Walker was going to lose, but he didn’t listen and held the rally anyway.

Trump may have hurt Scott Walker by campaigning with him

Given that Trump is even less popular than Walker in Wisconsin, Trump might have hurt the incumbent governor by campaigning for him. Walker might have been better off if Trump would have listened to his own advisors and stayed away.

Wisconsin voters are tired of Scott Walker and his failed policies in Wisconsin. Many of the state’s voters have not forgiven the governor for his 2016 presidential campaign. Usually, when an incumbent governor casts a wandering eye toward the White House and loses, that’s the end of the line for their leadership of the state.

Democrats have been trying to get rid of Walker, and his Koch fueled policies for years. The time may have finally arrived. After a Trump fluke in 2016, the cradle of the US progressive movement looks ready to come home to the Democratic Party.

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