Trump Tantrums After Obama Draws Crowd Four Times Bigger Than His

Trump fumed at a rally after thousands of people waited in line and showed up to see former President Obama in Florida.


Trump said in West Virginia, “He had a very small crowd, I have to be honest… I had to listen, I was in the plane, I had nothing else to do. And I heard him talk about telling the truth… and yet, 28 times he said you can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor, you can keep your plan, if you like your plan. They were all lies…”

Trump went on to rant about the size of his crowd in Texas when he campaigned for Ted Cruz, which he also exaggerated and lied about.

The president was tantruming because the White House Pool Report estimated the crowd size at Trump’s West Virginia rally to be maybe 1,000 people, while 4,000 people waited in line for hours to see President Obama in Miami.
Video of the Obama crowd report:

Trump can’t handle the truth that he will always be in Obama’s shadow, and he will never measure up to the man who came before regarding crowd size, presidential behavior, or as a human being.

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