GOP Voters Vow Not To Vote Republican While Trump Is President

A group of Republican voters in Arizona was interviewed, and a common theme emerged. They won’t vote for Republican candidates while Trump is president.

It is important to see the words in the exchange that an NBC News reporter had with Arizona voters:

Q: Who did you vote for?

GOP Voter: Sinema.

Q: The Democrat?

GOP Voter: Yes.


Q: Do you usually vote Democrat?

GOP Voter: No.

Q: Are you Republican?

GOP Voter: Yes. But not anymore. I’m changing. The Republican Party is not the same as it used to be.

Q: Do you usually vote Democrat?

GOP Voter: No. Registered Republican.

Q: Why vote for Sinema, then?

GOP Voter: To change things up.

GOP Voter: Not too happy with the state of the Republican party right now.

GOP Voter: I’m a former Republican, and I’m taking a break from voting for any Republicans as long as Donald Trump is president.

Q: Why not Martha McSally?

GOP Voter: She’ll support his policies.

Trump is hurting Republican candidates in the midterm

The picture that is beginning to emerge in the final days of the midterm election is that Donald Trump is pushing voters out of the Republican Party with his extremist rhetoric. Trump is making the Republican Party smaller, whiter, and more male than ever before. Voters are not just rejecting Trump. They are beginning to reject anyone who stands beside him or with him.

The rejection of Trump is why the economic numbers don’t matter. Jobs reports are meaningless because the decision that voters are making no matter which issue is their top priority is based on how they feel about Trump and the direction that he is taking the country in. Trump is literally voters who used to support his party to the Democrats.

Donald Trump is making the Democratic Party bigger while moving the older GOP white male dinosaurs inch closer to extinction.

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