Crowd Greets Joe Biden With Welcome, Mr. President In Ohio

The former vice president smiled as someone in the crowd shouted welcome, Mr. President, as Biden campaigned for Democrats in Ohio.


Reporters at the event noticed too:

Joe Biden didn’t get this welcome in some blue state but in Ohio. Republicans should be terrified because if Biden’s popularity in Pennsylvania transfers to Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Donald Trump will have a very difficult time winning a second term in office. Midterm elections are different animals from presidential elections, and the two should never be compared, but what is clear is not only do Democrats have a new crop of rising national stars in Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams, and Beto O’Rourke, but 2018 has also proven the enduring popularity of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is beloved, and if he runs for president in 2020, he is going to be difficult for anyone to beat.

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