Adam Schiff Makes It Clear That Democrats Are Coming For Trump’s Tax Returns

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made it clear in a Sunday night interview that if Democrats win back the House, they are going to release Trump’s tax returns.

Schiff said on MSNBC, “I think that any candidate for president should release their tax returns. One way of enforcing that norm and frankly we never thought this was a norm that would be broken. It has been by this president, one way to enforce that norm is to use the statutory power of Congress to obtain a tax return for a presidential candidate who refuses to disclose it. This is particularly important where there are credible allegations that the president of the United States may have a financial conflict of interest that is driving U.S. Policy. Is our policy vis-a-vis Russia driven by Russian money in the Trump Organization? Is our policy vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia and particularly Qatar being driven by business interests with respect to the Trump Organization? The American people deserve answers to these questions. We deserve to know and indeed need to know whether the president is making decisions in our interests or in his family’s financial interest.”


If Democrats win control of the House in less than two days, they are going to be investigating Trump’s finances and making his darkest secrets public. Democrats are going to do the job that House Republicans should have done. They are going to hold this president accountable and uncover the scope and depth of his corruption.

Trump is already losing it over the possibility that Democrats take back the House and the reason why is that he will have a co-equal branch of the government investigating him.

As long as Democratic voters do their part, House Democrats will be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

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