Trump Tries To Incite More Violence Against CNN After Criticism of Mispronounced Words

Trump responded to press criticism that he has been mispronouncing his words by trying to incite more violence against CNN.

Here is a clip from the Trump campaign stop for Brian Kemp in Georgia:

CNN had bombs mailed to their offices by a man who attended Trump rallies and was a hardcore Trump supporter. Instead of dialing down, Trump is doubling down, because fanning the flames is all that Trump knows how to do. A thoughtful person who respected the office that he holds and the power that comes with it would stop attacking media after one of their supporters mailed pipe bombs to his critics.

Trump has responded to the pipe bombs by using the terrorism as a tool to try to incite more violence against CNN.

When people say that this is the most important election of their lifetime, this is what they are talking about. A Democratic Congress won’t be able to stop the words that come out of Trump’s mouth, but voters can send Trump a message that his style of violence-inspiring hate-filled politics is a losing strategy.

The rhetoric isn’t going to change, so it is up to the voters to reject those who stand with and support Trump.

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