Trump’s Midterm Mental Breakdown Begins As He Claims Record Approval Rating With African-Americans

Trump claimed on Sunday that a new poll shows him with a 40% approval rating among African-Americans, which is not true.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s African-American approval rating is not a record

Trump got the source of the poll wrong:

Rasmussen is a conservative online polling company with a horrible accuracy record. In other words, they’re junk polls that feed the delusions of the Republican media bubble and Donald Trump.

Trump’s real approval rating with African-Americans have hovered between 10%-15%, and regarding voting, it is less than 10%.

Trump posted this tweet in response to the Michael Cohen bombshell that Trump is a racist who has used racist language in private for decades, including the claim that African-Americans are too stupid to vote for him.

No. Donald Trump doesn’t have a 40% approval rating with African-Americans, and only a total idiot would believe that this racist president does, or ever could.

It looks like Trump’s mental breakdown over potentially losing the midterm election has already begun.

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