Fantastic Sign For Democrats As Trump Approval Plunges To Lowest Seen Before A Midterm In Decades

A poll released on election eve contains good news for Democrats as Trump’s approval rating 39% is the lowest seen since Eisenhower.

CNN reported:

Overall, 42% of likely voters say their vote will be to express opposition to the president, while 28% say that it’ll be to support him.

Trump’s approval rating in the poll stands at 39% overall, with 55% disapproving, slightly worse than in early October, when 41% approved of his performance and 52% disapproved.

That is the worst pre-election approval rating for any president approaching their first midterm election in polling dating back to Eisenhower.

Among likely voters, a majority, 52% say they strongly disapprove of the way the president is handling his job, 35% say they strongly approve of his work as President, and just 11% of those likely to vote on Tuesday say they don’t have strong views on Trump.

Trump’s Midterm Focus On Racism Has Trashed His Approval Rating

The CNN poll also revealed a 55%-42% lead for Democrats in the generic ballot, and it made the NBC News/WSJ poll showing Trump’s approval rating of 46% look even more like an outlier than what it was suspected of being.

Trump has gone full racist in his statements and rallies, and it has backfired. The small number of voters that Trump could energize with these tactics is dwarfed by the people that he is turning off and pushing toward Democratic candidates. Trump has gone so racist that the networks have turned down an ad from his campaign because it was unfit to air.

Donald Trump is an anchor on Republican candidates. His rallies are hurting, not helping the GOP, and on the eve of the election, it looks like voters are breaking for Democrats. After the election, we will likely come to discover that Trump alienated more voters and helped to make the blue wave even stronger.

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