Eric Trump Has An Obama Triggered Meltdown While Lying About Daddy’s Accomplishments


Eric Trump said on Fox News that Obama has made it personal and accused the former president of taking credit for Trump’s nonexistent accomplishments.



Eric Trump complained on Fox and Friends, “He does have a personal problem, and he’s taking credit for my father’s accomplishments, but you see the passion. You don’t see the passion at his rallies. You see the passion at my father’s rallies.”

Convicted felon in training Eric Trump went on to whine about how much America is winning.

It’s Trump that has been stealing credit for Obama’s accomplishments. Everything from the economy to that Saudi arms deal that Trump is so in love with came from Obama. Trump has passed a massive tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, inspired violence, blown a hole in the deficit, started a trade war and has economists warning that a recession is coming.

Trump is the thief in chief. Donald Trump’s “accomplishments” are all negative. Economists say that all presidents get too much credit for a good economy and blame for a bad one. Trump took the economy that grew under Obama and sabotaged it. The Trump family can’t stand that Barack Obama is held in such high regard, and beloved by so many Americans.

The Trump family business is built on fraud, but one of the biggest frauds that they are trying to currently pull is convincing the American people that Donald Trump is a successful and functional president.

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